Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sino iboboto mo ng President?

If you want to learn from history, you might want to do research and review the part and take a look at previous presidents.

  • Emilio Aguinaldo

  • Manuel L. Quezon

  • José P. Laurel

  • Sergio Osmeña

  • Manuel Roxas

  • Elpidio Quirino

  • Ramon Magsaysay

  • Carlos P. Garcia

  • Diosdado Macapagal

  • Ferdinand Marcos

  • Corazon Aquino

  • Fidel V. Ramos

  • Joseph Estrada

  • Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

So this coming presidential elections, sino iboboto mo?

Going Back in Time for Oes Tsetnoc

After doing research, it seems some existing links go to these pages, thus I should create them:

That's all I was able to research using whatever tolls I had, from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and And these were the only existing URLs I got.

Ohhh this is bad for Oes Tsetnoc

I found out that URL used to exist and also has some existing links going to it, but some of them are really bad. Like medicine stuff that I wish not to have links to. Anyway, I don't care. All I know is I made a blog using Wordpress for Oes Tsetnoc and will try to come up with some link bait, like using keyword research for Oes Tsetnoc. I have to think of more ideas.

Oes Tsetnoc?

This blog seem to used to exist. With some amount of link building to it and number of indexed pages. But the blog no longer exist. has the previous owner just deleted the account and this blogger URL is available? I don't know also. Anyway, you might want to check my Oes Tsetnoc site here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Traditional Games in Philippines

I used to play Holens, Agawan Base, Speedy, Mataya-taya, Monkey-Monkey and other games, liek Baragan ng Bato, etc. But upon checking Wikipedia, wow, there are a lot of kids traditional games on Wikipedia.

1 Agawan Base
2 Agawang Sulok
3 Araw-Lilim
4 Bahay-Bahayan
5 Bahay-Kubo
6 Bulong-Pari
7 Buwan-Buwan
8 Chinese Garter
9 Declan Ruki
10 Holen
11 Iring-Iring
12 Jack 'en Poy
13 Juego de Anillo
14 Juego de Prenda
15 Kapitang Bakod
16 Langit-Lupa
17 Lagundi
18 Luksong-Tinik
19 Palosebo
20 Patintero
21 Piko
22 Pitik-Bulag
23 Sawsaw-Suka
24 Sipa
25 Taguan
26 Takip-Silim
27 Ten-Twenty
28 Tinikling
29 Tsato
30 Ubusan Lahi
31 Teks

See it all here on Wikipedia

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cooking Methods in Philippines

I am not the best cook in the world, I do not know much stuff to cook except, bacon, eggs, hotdogs, instant pancit canton, and other simple stuff, but the cooking methods in the Philippines are way more than that.


Although Filipino food is one of complexity with its varied origins of Malay, Chinese and Spanish, yet the cooking methods are rather simple. Basically, the four cooking methods that support the foundation of Filipino cookery are boiling (nilaga), grilling (ihaw), roasting and steaming (halabos). These cooking methods form the very basis of the modern-day demand of healthy cooking. It was not until the arrival of the Spanish that the method of sauteeing (guisado) was "Filipinized" and introduced into the Filipino kitchen, adding to the basic forms of Filipino cookery.

Here is a detailed list from

cooking with water and adding a sour agent from fruit or vegetable. May be meat, fish or fowl.

food preserved with salt. May be broiled. Meat, fish or vegetables.

cooking fish with vinegar, just a little water and spices. May be with or without vegetables.

boiling fish, fowl or meat with more water.

cooking fish with a little water with or without a souring agent.

cooking with salt and almost no water. Cooks from the juice of the shellfish or crustacean.

food wrapped in leaves (banana or alagao), and steamed.

boiling sauteed fish with ginger, vegetables and patis.

boiling sauteed fish or shellfish in ginger and pepper leaves.

steaming fish, meat, fowl or shellfish.

broiled over live charcoal. May be meat, fish or root crops.

Dinaing (broiled or fired)
fish cut at the back and opened like a butterfly.

blanching fish and soaking it until golden brown.

smoking fish, meat and fowl just before eating.

Salting. Such as talangka (small crabs), alimasag (crabs), bangus (milkfish), hito (catfish), dalag (mudfish), eggs or vegetables.

food marinated in vinegar and spices (saviche or raw).

basic use of lard, garlic and onions for almost everything meat, fish, fowl or vegetable.

cooking fish, crustaceans, vegetables, root crops in coconut milk.

cooking with vinegar and spices. May be meat, fish or vegetables.

Good thing, my wife is excellent in the kitchen. She makes the bet food in the world for me.